Tarot Cards Can Transform Your Life Here’s How

 Tarot Cards are way more valuable than just a way to predict the future. By understanding the archetypes of Tarot you can use this ancient wisdom as a way to decode the physical world at a spiritual level. In teaching people the Tarot, they learn to read the blueprint of the human consciousness and the various mystic arts associated with it, to support and serve your spiritual growth, and the growth of others. 

An ancient Kabalistic Secret that has been passed down for a very long time throughout many generations. You might be familiar with this because we mentioned these teachings in one of the Spirit Science “Tree of Life” episodes; there we talk about the language of roots and branches. 

If you look at a tree, we mostly focus on the portion growing out of the ground. And it’s beautiful, and it bears fruit! But the origin of this tree is underground, where you don’t see it. And it starts in the ground as a seed. It has to be underground for the tree to exist at all right? And generally, the roots of a tree go down just as deep as the branches go up. So there’s an entire ecosystem underground that we don’t even see! But it’s there; It’s like a whole hidden world! 

The language of roots and branches in Kabbalah teaches us a very similar symbology, but it’s an approach to life. The teachings go on to say, the physical world all arises from that which is invisible. Thinking about this in a very practical sense, every action that you take has only emerged because you had thoughts and feelings, that cultivated that, that activity.

There is an invisible spiritual spark of consciousness that’s inside of you, that is moving through our created world. Even this computer that I’m talking on, everything, take a moment to look around you. Look around your environment. Let’s take nature out of the equation; we’ll get to that a sec, everything physically human-made all only exists because someone had to think of it first. Someone invented the concept of building a building, or they imagine a specific product into being. These all first started in the invisible realms and then slowly became physical. 

Now, to get a little more quantum. Because this is spirit science is probably not anything new to you guys. In ancient religions from thousands of years ago and modern science, there is this idea that the universe is a hologram. That the all in creation, everything in the cosmos is 99% space. And these little packets and bits of information flying around are forming this holographic reality that we’re living out.

This simulation makes reality seem tangible; the physical reality, what we can see with our eyes, looks to be the only thing that exists. 


But if we know that the source is often invisible, we have to ask the question, 

“Where is this created physical world sourced from?” 

“Where’s the source code?” 

“What is the source code?” 

“And Where’s that coming from?”


 Once again, we just returned back to this idea of the power of the invisible. But now, how is can this knowledge of the invisible be utilized practically? Now obviously, you can sit in meditation and go deep inside of yourself. And that’s usually the starting point, but

how can we use this knowledge and understand this living out our everyday lives? And use this information to really make life better for ourselves for each other? 

By understanding that there are waves and fields of connection between all of us, imagine what we can accomplish together? The level of connection between us would be so inherently deep. And that could be life-changing. 

 So, my question for you today is, “How is your relationship with the invisible? How is your relationship with your thoughts, your feelings, and your willpower? How is that spiritual connection? And how or what are you doing to deepen that connect?

This is why I am holding me LIVE Workshop in Winnipeg on the Tarot. Interested? Check it out! 

In our mind, there are many driving forces behind our actions. There are also aspects of our personalities that are hidden or ignored. Carl Jung, a famous psychotherapist who opened up a lot of scientific minds to beliefs that also fall under the spiritual realm like the shadow self, alchemy, and the collective consciousness (and most importantly unconscious). He also had his own take on Tarot. In Carl Jung’s Tarot, the cards take you deep into your subconscious mind to bring what hides deep within our psyche to the surface.

Those are sort of archetypal ideas, of a differentiated nature, which mingle with the ordinary constituents of the flow of the unconscious, and therefore it is applicable for an intuitive method that has the purpose of understanding the flow of life, possibly even predicting future events, at all events lending itself to the reading of the conditions of the present moment” Carl Jung wrote.

Carl Jung’s View of Tarot

The set of pictures on the Tarot cards [are] distantly descended from the archetypes of transformation,” Carl Jung wrote.

Jung viewed the 22 Major Arcana of Tarot (with the 56 Minor Arcana giving additional information) as The Hero’s Journey—a common mythological template for a hero who goes on a journey from its beginning and struggles to transformation and victory to their return. 

The Hero’s journey unites all cultures and ages, all tales: mythical and historical, and all of the human dreams as well as primal emotions. Each Tarot card represents another step on this journey.

Each of us is a hero or heroine in our lives. We have our struggles and triumphs, our beginnings and completions. Tarot cards can guide each of you through each phase on this journey.


The Hero’s Journey And The Major Arcana

The Hero’s Journey has 17 stages described by famous American Professor of Literature Joseph Campbell, who was inspired by Jung’s work. Other versions may vary a little. 

The stages can be grouped into three phases: the Departure (where the person is at the beginning of their journey with not much knowledge, skill, or understanding); the Initiation (in which the person is transformed into a more powerful, wise, or strong version of themselves); and the Return.

The Departure phase includes five stages: home, the call to adventure, first help from a mentor (sometimes described as supernatural), crossing the threshold (first transitional period), the belly of the whale (symbolizing death and rebirth, being back in a “womb,” being back in the unknown).

The Initiation phase holds six stages: the road of trials, the meeting with the Goddess (experiencing true love), Woman as temptress (metaphor of temptation that may have the person abandon their mission), atonement with the father (reconciliation with a teacher or higher force), apotheosis (the Hero finally gains the status of a hero), and the ultimate boon (achievement of one’s quest).

The Return phase has six stages: refusal of the return, the magic flight (trying to escape to stay in the magic world and not return), rescue from without (being brought back to their real-life), the crossing of the return threshold (the Hero has to return home with the wisdom they gained), master of two worlds (the Hero now has to find a balance between leading spiritual and material lives), and the freedom to live (resurrection).

In my Workshop, I will teach more about how to gain the ability to draw mystic information not just from Tarot cards, but being able to see these archetypes in the world everywhere, and with this information live from a more enlightened place.

Want to learn more about how to weave this knowledge into your life in a practical way? Check out the LIVE Workshop Jordan River is hosting in Winnipeg, BC

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