Dreaming at Work

Dreaming about work? What Your Mind is Telling You

You stand in front of your team, drawing in a quick breath before giving a presentation. You open your mouth to speak but no words come out. You clear your throat and try again. Still nothing. Even worse, the projector just shut off. Just when you think things can’t get any worse it dawns on you: you’re dreaming about work.

It’s not uncommon to dream about work. In fact, 60-80% of people dream about work at some point. It’s easy to write these off as only dreams, simple worries or concerns that you need to shake off.

This would be a mistake, as our dreams can actually speak to a larger underlying problem that needs to be addressed. What’s more, the type of work dream can narrow down the type of problem or fear you need to address. Let’s take a closer look!

What Dreaming About Work Means

Work dreams come in more forms than one could count. Every person is different, so it’s only logical that every work dream is different. Still, there are several primary work dreams that seem to crop up more frequently than others. While these dreams may see you waking up in a cold sweat, there’s hope: they can be used to boost your career and self-esteem, too!

Late for Work

You’re Running Late

Few things are worse than being stuck in traffic and watching as the clock signals that you’re late to work. The only thing worse is dreaming about this all-too-common scenario before you actually have to wake up and work.

Dreaming about running late to work, other than being a stressful way to start the day, can actually point toward your own fear that you’re missing out on an opportunity. If you’ve had this dream, have a sit down with your boss and talk about setting some goals and figuring out a growth plan to ensure you’re getting the most out of your job.

You Dream About Coworkers

We spend so much time with coworkers that it’s only logical they show up in our dreams from time to time. Still, this could be more than a simple happenstance.

If you’re dreaming about numerous coworkers or an individual repeatedly, this could mean you admire a trait of theirs. Think about the traits in them you admire and figure out how you can make these traits a part of your work ethic.

That One Where You’re Naked

When you were little you likely dreamed about being naked at school. Well, surprise — it’s now possible you dream of being naked at work!

If you’ve dreamed about being naked at work, don’t fret. This could mean you’re feeling under-prepared for your job or role. It could also mean you’re feeling particularly vulnerable. In either case, you should seek the help of a mentor and air your concerns.

Bad Presentation

The Disastrous Presentation

That nightmarish presentation scenario from earlier is a great way to wake up in a panic. It’s also likely pointing to your own lack of confidence in your skills.

If you’re dreaming about presentations gone awry, take some time to run through situations that stress you out or make you doubt your abilities. This can help you become more comfortable with these scenarios and boost your confidence.

Other Work Dreams

Dreaming about work doesn’t have to be a nightmare. While your own work dreams may be different than those listed, there are likely some common threads you can look for. Use these similarities to draw some productive and constructive conclusions from your own dreams.

To help you ensure your work dreams aren’t for naught, here’s a helpful infographic on work dreams from Sleep Advisor that breaks down more common work dreams and offers actionable advice!

Work Dreams Meaning

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