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Researchers Discover Aspects of Crystal Healing – Using Breath

When you work with crystals, be that in meditation, ritual, reiki, or crystal healing, there are ways to amplify energy. A famous researcher who worked at the IBM San Jose Research Center and gained an honorary doctor title for his work spent a lot of his life researching and perfecting crystal healing techniques. What Dr. Marcel Vogel found is that using your breath is a vital part of using the crystal’s full potential, and not many people are aware or use this amazing technique.

One important aspect of working with a crystal is the breath. Breath and life are synonymous. When you breathe deeply you invigorate the body with a vital charge,” Vogel said.

To use Vogel’s breath technique, you need to understand the four stages of breathing.

Four Stages of Breath

The four stages of breathing keep the oxygen flowing and create vitality. Deep, slow breathing gives you power. Rapid and shallow breathing can strip you away from it. As you breathe deeply, each stage has a different purpose:

  1. Incoming breath: builds patterns of thoughts, creates intention. This stage is used to program the crystal to do what you wish it to do.
  2. Indwelling breath: the intention you place intensifies and solidifies in your energy.
  3. Outgoing breath: releasing carbon dioxide along with negative beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and any stuck energy. You also let go of any resistance towards positive thoughts and affirmations (each positive has a negative to match it).
  4. Breath held out: prepare for the next cycle of breath.

Crystal Breath Technique

Crystal Ball BreathAccording to Dr. Vogel, a crystal is a tool to collect the energy of the etheric forces and bring them into a crystal. Ideally a four-sided crystal point is used, which is multipurpose. You can also use a 6-sided or 8-sided crystal. The energy intensity goes up with more sides. A Vogel crystal cut can have up to 16 sides, looking at his work from the 1940’s.

The crystal amplifies energy to then be used for healing and manifestation. Dr. Vogel uses breath to do so.

When there is no breath, the energy coming out from the crystal point when directed at a person will saturate their body with energy, as the physical body is trying to align to the same energetic frequency. This can be done to charge the body.
Dr. Vogel created a technique to find, break, and heal unhealthy patterns stored in a body.

First step is to move the crystal up and down while hovering over a body of a client to break through their energy. While doing so, make sure to synchronize your breath with the breath of who you are working on to become one in all of the subtle bodies for this to work.

Start moving the crystal with your hand in counterclockwise direction in the space between you and them to link the consciousness of the person to the area that needs attention. The energy will then know where to go in order to offer healing. It is important to feel grounded while doing this with feet firmly on the ground. This allows the healer to be one with the one needing healing without fear, and as Dr. Vogel said “take on the entire experience.

At this step, you use all four stages of breath to slowly and carefully draw the energy in and out from the crystal to the body. This promotes healing in the area of need.

With an inhale, you draw any negative energy out of the body, bring it into space when holding the breath and amplify the intention such as of healing, then break what you have inhaled using your exhale, and rest to prepare for the next cycle while holding out breath for a moment. Repeat as many times as you feel necessary.

This process breaks apart any stagnant pattern that was stuck in the body. You my notice a sudden change in the physical body of the person as they let go of what was weighing them down.

Crystal Heart Breath

You are there to support and guide but not interfere with what the energy knows it needs to do. Wait until the person is ready for the next step. You will now intuitively, or they may tell you.

The next step is to close the wound(s).

To do so, hold the crystal in your dominant hand and use an up and down motion. This motion stitches up any openings that were created in the etheric body in order to take the negative energy out.

Then make a big circle with that hand over all chakras to balance them. Finally, bring the small circle to heart center (witness area), making a smaller circle until it becomes a point, then make a cutting motion, breathe out, and it is done.

Dr. Vogel’s Technique Explanation

If we become attached to a thought, which has a high emotional content, that pattern will be locked into the energy field around us. Eventually the physical body may manifest this in a distortion such as the slumping of the shoulders, a twisting of the muscles of the eyes or mouth, contractions in the muscles of the legs etc. If this continues for an extended period of time these distortions can become chronic and locked into the physical body not just the energy body.

One of the processes of energetic healing is to break up these patterns and to restore the normal crystallographic pattern and structure of the bio-field. The patterns of a balanced energy field are re-established and locked into place with the intention of the client to continue to promote his or her state of health and well being.



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