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7 Archetypal Healing Stones to Help Guide Your Life

With hundreds of healing crystals popular today it can be challenging to figure out where to start, or which stones to start focusing on getting to know deeper. Avid crystal expert Nicholas Pearson is dedicating his life to studying crystals from their mythological legends and historical context to science and reading hundreds of books on them. Based on his research he wrote one of his own books on seven archetypal stones used for spiritual growth of healing. These are the seven that most people will benefit from working with and using for spiritual guidance, and their meanings are universal. He calls them “Gemstone Mentors”.

Keep in mind that every stone you pick out for yourself is as unique as you are, so the two of you will build a relationship that may differ from what others experience. This is why many crystal books resonate with only some people. Each author leaves their own mark on the book outlining their own relationship with stones, which does not have to mirror yours.

What’s unique about Pearson’s books is that he combines all of the sources he ever found on each stone to present to you a more complete picture of each stone’s energy, repeating through time and space.

Here are the seven main stones to work with on your spiritual journey.

Obsidian: The Smoky Mirror

Obsidian StonesSpiritual journey often starts with what we call “an awakening,” and right before the person sees the light in the world, one may need to go deeper into the shadows first. Your spiritual journey can start in total darkness, it is obsidian that reflects this.

Its first gift is being a reflective stone. Quite literally, you can see your own foggy reflection in its shiny surface, and it was used in ancient times for this purpose. This reflection can show you the shadow side of your own self that needs work, the other realms, the other side, fear, and blockages that need releasing. It can be also used for divination.

Its second gift is to release any darkness that it found. Its sharp edges, often used as arrowheads, can heal by cutting through any pain, heartbreak, and fractured parts of the mind. It can release the fear of death and the unknown, and other blockages and limitations.

Once everything that is not needed is chipped off, obsidian can reveal your true, beautiful self.

Jade: The Stone of Immortality

Jade is most commonly known from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where it is used in physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. TCM considers it to be a stone of vitality or yōu jìng. This vitality is not just in your physical body but your whole being.

Jade Dragon Stones

Because of its tough composition, it is connected to eternity. If anything is carved from jade, it lasts forever.

According to the legend, jade was formed by an ancient rainbow, which is why it comes in all colors of the rainbow from reds to purples and also white and black. Green jade is the most well-known.

Since it was created in cooperation with the sky, jade can elevate a person’s consciousness to match the vibration of the heavens.

This cosmic connection makes it a great stone to use in dreamtime as done by the shamans in ceremony. You can meditate with it or sleep on it under your pillow to help you access deeper dream states and other realms.

Finally, jade is often carved into shapes of the dragons, serpents, and other beings. Having a heavenly connection, it connects you with their spirit guides and helpers, while also reminding you that help is always there when you need it.

Lapis Lazuli: The All Seeing Eye

The third stone to work with is not a pure mineral but a metamorphic rock combined of many specimens. The gorgeous lapis lazuli is a combination of Dark Blue Lazurite, golden ‘stars’ of Iron Pyrite, White Calcite, and other stones.

Lapis Lazuli StonesThese components bring together the Earth and the sky, and represent your soul’s longing for being reunited with its cosmic origin.

It is a heart-centered stone. It reminds whoever is working with it to keep an open mind and an even more open heart. When the two are in harmony, it is easy to see that there is no competition in life; we are all connected not just with one another but a bigger picture of creation, and connected to the Source of all creation.

This heart-centered and heightened perspective that comes from realising that you are connected to higher realms and the heavens, can completely change your world.

Lastly, the Blue Lapis Lazuli can increase your abilities for psychic insight and intuition.

Emerald: The Grail and The Tablet

Emerald is often known from the legendary tale of the Emerald Tablet. A tablet made of stone is said to have all of the secrets of the universe written in its text. Information about its existence has been found in ancient texts, and this has become one of the pillars for Western alchemy. The alchemical connection made Emerald be linked to alchemical transformation, or changing anything from one state to another.

Emerald Stones

Real alchemy comes from the heart. Emerald’s deep green color is associated with the Heart Chakra, and its symbolism is of unconditional love. When you meditate with an Emerald, it can show you what truly matters in the world—love. The heart is the meeting place of the Heavens and the Earth, and it is a catalyst for all goodness in the world.

Emerald’s mystical legends do not stop there. In mythology, it is often carved and used as the holy grail, a vessel or a cup of miraculous powers.

Some say it is the same stone that was used in Lucifer’s crown when he was cast out of heaven. Archangel Michael struck the crown, and the emerald fell out.

Lastly, on the physical side of things the green healing ray that Emerald represents in crystal healing is a physical manifestation of truth. Work with Emerald if you want to be authentic, and show up as your true self in life, or want radical honesty from others.

Quartz: The Great Crystal of Atlantis

Quartz is a fundamental stone because it attracts similar to it vibrations, and works closely with the law of attraction. It can be charged with any intention—a versatile too.

Quartz Stones

A perfect piece of clear quartz becomes a prism of light when hit by the sun rays. It loves being in the sunlight, and can be charged directly by sunlight unlike some other stones. It can help focus, condense, refract and direct light.

Quartz can attract life force when placed on the body, particularly to that exact spot. A Quartz wand can direct energy, cut cords, and even be used to perform psychic surgery. With so many different shapes and colors, there is a Quartz for anything. Every Quartz color will hold the same ‘like attracts like’ vibration, and its color adds a different layer to it.

For example, smoky quartz has empty spaces in its physical structure, which energetically creates a vacuum to suck out negative energy. It is purifying and get rid of blockages.

The biggest legend surrounding Quartz is it being the Great crystal of Atlantis and being used in crystal technology. During the time of Atlantis, according to legends, people lived in harmony with the world around them and the forces of nature including a deep connection to the mineral kingdom. At this time Quartz was used for many technological advances such as power generators and a way to pass messages and information. Ego-driven misuse of the stone to gain more power is said to have contributed or even caused the fall of Atlantis.

Amethyst: Stone of Temperance

It is said that if you put a piece of Amethyst in a glass of wine, you will not get drunk from it. This comes from history. When wine was too expensive, people used amethyst cups to make watered down red wine look darker. The wine was watered down to a point that it was almost impossible to feel fully intoxicated, yet people thought they were drinking high quality wine.

Amethyst Stones

Energetically this also worked because Amethyst brings temperance and the ability to overcome bad habits. It succeeds at doing so by showing you where you are disconnected from the divinity. Bad habits are usually a way for a person to try to fill in a hole in their heart. When one is tuned in to the Source, they would not feel like there is any emptiness that needs to be filled.

Therefore, amethyst also helps you to recognize the divinity inside of you and each of us.

This divine connection also has alchemical properties of transmutation, especially when it comes to emotions. It takes our base energy and takes it to a higher level, turning any negatives into positives. It can help you find peace no matter the circumstances, because it can find the positive in all.

Its divine connection aids in dreamtime as well, but not in the present moment, but rather by connecting a divine channel in you that can travel to other realms in dreams.

Diamond: The Unconquerable and The Thunderbolt

Diamond Stones

Last archetypal stone is the Diamond. It comes from the Greek word “adamas” or not tamed or conquered, an invincible stone. It can cut through other stones but no other stone can cut it. This energy gives the person working with it certain invincibility according to the ancient people.

When you recognize that you are unconquerable you become invisible, and the force that brings it to life is unconditional love. Perhaps this is one synchronistic reason why Diamonds became the stone used for engagement rings (though not the primary reason).

Love towards the Source and the universe means surrendering. And if you are willing to surrender to all that is, everything in life becomes effortless.

When mediating, placing a Diamond on the heart brings the flow of energy to that chakra and activates its force in union with natural forces.

The Seven Archetypal Stones: Their Spiritual Powers and Teachings, by Nicholas Pearson, Destiny Books, 2016


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