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10 Short Meditations to Calm Your Mind

Distracting noises, difficulties in the workplace or university, deadlines, family problems… There are so many unpleasant things that may happen to each of us every day. Sometimes we find ourselves so stressed and having so little free time that we can’t find even 30 minutes for relaxation and meditation.

Fortunately, meditation isn’t just about sitting in a calm place and listening to your breath. You may find a few minutes to follow through with some of the short meditations while taking shower, driving a car, getting caught in a traffic jam or in the workplace during a break. These ten short meditation techniques to calm the mind and body make it easy to find time.

1. Focus on the Breath

This is probably the simplest way to calm your mind. You need just to concentrate on your body and take a very deep breath, hold it for a few seconds and let the air come out very slowly. Then  repeat the process a few times until you feel more comfortable. At first glance, this technique is very simple and even trivial, but it is universal and very effective.

Short Meditations Breath Focus

2. Altered Breathing Techniques

You may vary the previous meditation technique and find the best way for yourself. For instance, you can try belly breathing: put one your hand on your stomach and the other one on your chest and pay your full attention to each inhalation and exhalation. Imagine that the exhaled air takes away all your problems and with each inhalation you inhale positive energy.

3. Observe

This is also a very simple technique to calm your body, even in a public work environment. It is not necessary to watching water flowing or sunset as some believe. You may keep your eyes on any pattern, even a very trivial process such as an elevator moving or paper copies pouring out from a photocopy machine. Concentrate your attention on any one process for a couple of minutes and try to feel the rhythm.

4. Notice

Short Meditations ObserveLook around and find similar objects around you. They may be similar in color, size, shape, you choose the common factor. This meditation technique is especially helpful for those who work in an open space. Such offices usually are big and noisy, this process helps to relax in this hectic atmosphere, by trying to find similar things among all the objects in the space.

5. Concentrate

Devote all of your attention to one activity. For example, you may doodle for some time before an important meeting or enjoy the smell of a fresh-made cup of coffee in the morning. You can also do this exercise while cleaning the house, washing the dishes, brushing your teeth or any singular task.

Short Meditations Magic Words

6. Repeat Your “Magic Words

They shouldn’t be ‘magic’ in the very meaning of this word, but they must have meaning for you. This may be a motto, cheering phrase or a prayer or mantra. Repeat it until you feel the effects calming you. You can repeat the word or phrase mentally or speak it, both are effective.

7. Walk

This everyday activity may help you to release stress or anxiety. The walk can be done anywhere at any time, in the morning or in the evening, at the office or in a park. You must concentrate on every step however. Feel how your feet touch the ground and do your best to feel which muscles of your body you use while walking.

Short Meditations Silent Mind

8. Have a Silent Mind

It may sound too simplistic, but it is an extremely difficult challenge for most people to calm their minds. Every day, millions of different thought appear in your mind. Give yourself a break and free your mind of thoughts for a few minutes. It is better to sit down and close your eyes so as not to distract yourself by different objects or movements around you.

9. Focus on Your Body

Take a few minutes to pay special attention to your body’s processes. Try to feel how your lungs fill with air and widen your chest; how your diaphragm goes up and down with each breath; how your heart beats and pushes the blood through the vessels. The more you feel, the less you will think. Making it easier to find inner silence and peace.”

Short Meditations Music

10. Listen to Music

For this exercise, it is better to find a relaxing track which can calm your body and mind (guided meditations work great!) Once you find on you like listen to it a few times and anchor this feeling of total relaxation. When you feel uncomfortable or anxious you may just turn on this music and come back to this full calmness in within a few minutes. You may use this music/track to anchor different emotional states like cheerfulness or decisiveness.

These are just ten of the suggested short meditations that you can use to relax your mind and body. Try to find the most effective one for yourself, you can also vary them or combine them together. Remember that with these techniques it isn’t difficult or time-consuming to calm your mind.



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